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Background Information
NameNathaniel Mark
Country of BirthUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
BirthdayApril 5, 1992 (age 26)
TeamDignitaslogo std.pngDignitas
Previous Role(s)Solo Laner
Competitive IDsKobrokai
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Jun 2013 - Aug 2013
Hunterrole icon.png
Logo std.pngeLemon
Sep 2013 - Jan 2014
Hunterrole icon.png
Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014
Hunterrole icon.png
Agilitaslogo std.pngAgilitas
Oct 2014 - Jan 2015
Hunterrole icon.png
Aquilalogo std.pngAquila
Jan 2015 - May 2015
Hunterrole icon.png
Titanlogo std.pngTitan
Jan 2015 - Sep 2015
Solorole icon.png
Titanlogo std.pngTitan
Sep 2015 - Jan 2016
Hunterrole icon.png
Titanlogo std.pngTitan
Jan 2016 - Sep 2016
Hunterrole icon.png
Hungry For Morelogo std.pngHungry For More
Sep 2016 - Nov 2018
Hunterrole icon.png
Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey Alliance
Jan 2019 - Present
Hunterrole icon.png
Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas
Nathaniel "Ataraxia" Mark is the hunter for Dignitas.


Ataraxia was born and raised in Llanberis, Wales but has since moved to Liverpool where he studied Psychology at the University of Liverpool. He has been playing video games since the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 era, and has before getting into SMITE played the StarCraft series, Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends. His favourite game is Dragon Age: Origins. Ataraxia started playing SMITE in 2012. He always gravitated towards the carry roles in other games due to his love for glass cannon playstyles and being a self-proclaimed egomaniac. He most enjoyed playing hunters in the mid lane, and firmly believed they belonged there despite popular opinion, under the reasoning that the hunters were the strongest class late game, and received the most farm in mid. He was first noticed by prOxyQQ, who asked him to play hunter during the weekly tournament. Word of his skill spread throughout the scene, and he was on various teams for the weekly tournaments, although almost always as a hunter and not a mid, before becoming a founding member of Agilitas (later Aquila and Titan).

Originally starting in the solo lane position of Agilitas, Ataraxia soon moved on to become the hunter of the team. After the team just barely missed qualifying the the Season 1 SPL, Agilitas managed to win the SPL Season 1 EU Challenger Cup and SPL Season 1 EU Wildcard. This lead to being picked up by COGnitive Gaming and become Aquila. As Aquila the team managed to win the SPL Season 1 EU Regionals which finally led to the roster being picked up by Titan. Under Titan, Ataraxia helped his team reach a 2nd place at the SMITE World Championship 2015.

After Titan finished in 3rd place during the EU SPL Spring Split, Ataraxia decided to swap roles with Confrey heading into the Summer Split and became the new solo laner for Titan[1].

During the fall split, it was announced that Ataraxia would move back to the Hunter role, as Titan brought in BroTuZ as the new solo laner.[2]

After Titan failed to qualify for the Smite World Championship 2016 the team disbanded. Ataraxia put together a roster to form the team Hungry For More, with himself as the team's Captain.


  • He's the second highest earning eSports player in The United Kingdom. [3]
  • His name originated from his favourite film, Lucky Number Slevin; the main character has a condition called Ataraxia which can be described as a freedom from anxiety and worry.
  • He has pioneered the use of various hunter builds that differ from the norm, most famously the Unicorn Build in Season 1. These attempts are not always successful, and he often stubbornly refuses to use a normal build.
  • During the start of Season 2, it was claimed that Zindurn was the brother of Ataraxia, which led to a running gag of any pro being the brother of Ataraxia.
  • Despite being in the hunter role, he dislikes the actual duo lane, and prefers metas of the game where the hunter is left alone more, as he can get more farm.
  • He believes that patience and awareness of vulnerabilities make the best hunter players.
  • He cites Realzx as the player he learned the most about SMITE from watching.
  • He cites Sean "Day[9]" Plott, a former StarCraft II professional player, streamer, commentator and host as his overall role model in changing the way he views learning and improving, especially in video games.

Team and Tournament History

Recent Achievements (full list)
Date Place Event Team Roster
2018-11-18 A55 - 8 SMITE World Championship 2019 Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaiRaffer
2018-11-10 A11 SWC 2019 Qualifiers Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaiRaffer
2018-10-04 A33 2018 EU SPL Fall Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaiRaffer
2018-07-05 A55 2018 EU SPL Summer Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaiRaffer
2018-04-26 A44 2018 EU SPL Spring Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaiRaffer
2018-01-07 A33 - 4 SMITE World Championship 2018 Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-11-05 A22 2017 EU Regional Championship Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-10-07 A11 2017 EU SPL Fall Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey XalieaCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-07-16 A33 - 4 SMITE 2017 Summer Finals Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-06-24 A22 2017 EU SPL Summer Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-04-30 A11 SMITE Masters 2017 Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-03-25 A11 2017 EU SPL Spring Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey maniaKKCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaEmilZy
2017-01-08 A22 SMITE World Championship 2017 Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaPANDALIKE
2016-11-20 A22 2016 EU Regional Championship Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaPANDALIKE
2016-10-23 A44 Season 3 EU SPL Fall Season Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaPANDALIKE
2016-09-16 A33 Season 3 EU SPL Fall Placement Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaPANDALIKE
2016-06-21 A55 - 8 SMITE Masters 2016 Hungry For Morelogo std.pngHFM VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaMANALIKE
2016-06-06 A33 Season 3 EU SPL Spring Season Hungry For Morelogo std.pngHFM VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaMANALIKE
2015-11-22 A66 2015 EU Regional Championship Titanlogo std.pngTitan BroTuZRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-10-25 A55 Season 2 EU SPL Fall Season Titanlogo std.pngTitan BroTuZRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLifeMore...

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