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Team has disbanded.
Burrito Esports
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Team Information
Org LocationNetherlands Netherlands
RegionNews Label - Europe.png Europe
Created (1)2016-03-05 (SMITE division)
Disbanded (1)2016-03-13
Created (2)2016-10-18
Disbanded (2)2016-12-12
Created (3)2017-05-24
Disbanded (3)2018-06-17
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Burrito Esports is a Netherlands based esports organization. On March 5, 2016, the organization made their entrance in SMITE by picking up the RanchSquad roster. Aside from a SMITE team, the organization also has a divisions in Rivals of Aether and Paladins.



  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Spain Dafull Alejandro Cerdán 01 Solo
United Kingdom GetFisher Ryan Fisher 02 Jungle Sacred Speedbufflogo std.png Sacred Speedbuff
USA Phlippo Philip Batchev 03 Mid Sacred Speedbufflogo std.png Sacred Speedbuff
Spain WorstTurttle Ángel Ramos 04 Hunter The Papislogo std.png The Papis
Norway Badgah Bo Katzenmaier 05 Support
Israel Effix Effi Bello 01 Solo
Germany Snoddy Edison Hasani 03 Mid Retiredlogo std.png Retired
United Kingdom Spudio Josh Conner 04 Hunter Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports
France LeMoGoW Jean Luc Vasaturo 01 Solo
Russia Fusify Maksim Eroshenkov 05 Support Optimus Ganglogo std.png Optimus Gang
Croatia Sibi Matija Arthofer 01 Solo Optimus Ganglogo std.png Optimus Gang
Serbia Dzoni Nikola Todorovic 02 Jungle Optimus Ganglogo std.png Optimus Gang
Ukraine FaraKrik Alexey Farion 03 Mid Optimus Ganglogo std.png Optimus Gang
Russia Kespainify Daniil Vyshkin 04 Hunter Optimus Ganglogo std.png Optimus Gang
Netherlands DeathPanter Willem Hoste 03 Mid Elevatelogo std.png Elevate
Israel N0Numbers Ofer Rind 01 Solo New Game Pluslogo std.png New Game Plus
Italy Gorgonzolla Simone Roberti 02 Jungle Desertedlogo std.png Deserted
France Tynz Adrian Berguet 03 Mid Optimus Ganglogo std.png Optimus Gang
United Kingdom JustJack Jack Butler 04 Hunter Retiredlogo std.png Retired
Netherlands DeathPanter Willem Hoste 05 Support Logo std.png Dutch Myrmidons
Netherlands Freeluck Freek van Welsenis 11 Sub
United Kingdom Lace Thomas Jack 04 Hunter Logo std.png Last Minute Monsters
Australia PTFO Riley Brown 01 Solo
Australia Zakaryha Zak Norman 02 Jungle Logo std.png Irish Wristwatch
Australia SwitchBae Alex Cascio 03 Mid Logo std.png Irish Wristwatch
Australia Redoxide Bradley Aldred 04 Hunter
Australia Jyles Jyles Lulham 05 Support



ID Name Position
Denmark MountainGoat Martin Andersen 11 Co-Owner
Netherlands Unovy Djawi de Boer Co-Owner
Finland Snufflebox Samir Homan 11 PR Manager
Mexico HiramC Hiram Cota Community Manager


C ID Name Role Next Team
Egypt Sanjo Eslam Emad 11 Coach
United Kingdom SqueaakyG Joe James 11 Coach
USA TheGuiltyClown Ahad Hashmi General Manager
United Kingdom AlphaJackal Andy Barlow 11 Coach Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-04-28 A22 2018 EU SML Spring Season LeMoGoWGetFisherEffixSnoddyFusify $ 12,500
2017-10-15 A44 2017 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet SibiDzoniFaraKrikKespainifyFusify
2017-10-07 A88 2017 EU SPL Fall Season SibiDzoniFaraKrikKespainifyFusify
2017-08-19 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Fall Relegations SibiDzoniDeathPanterKespainifyFusify
2017-06-24 A88 2017 EU SPL Summer Season SibiDzoniDeathPanterKespainifyFusify
2016-11-05 A55 Season 3 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet N0NumbersGorgonzollaTynzJustJackDeathPanter
2016-10-23 A11 Season 3 EU CC Fall Playoffs N0NumbersGorgonzollaTynzLaceDeathPanter $ 2,500
Total earnings:
    • USD 15,000

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