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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameBrendan Daniels
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayNovember 3, 1992 (age 26)
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Dec 2013 - Apr 2014
Supportrole icon.png
COGnitive Gaminglogo std.pngCOGnitive Gaming
Aug 2014 - Jan 2015
Supportrole icon.png
Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas
Feb 2015 - Mar 2015
Supportrole icon.png
Egrlogo std.pngTeam Eager
Mar 2015 - Dec 2015
Junglerole icon.png
Egrlogo std.pngTeam Eager
Jan 2016 - Mar 2016
Junglerole icon.png
Team Flexlogo std.pngTeam Flex
Mar 2016 - Apr 2016
Junglerole icon.png
Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance
Apr 2016 - Apr 2016
Supportrole icon.png
Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance
Brendan "DaretoCare" Daniels is an American SMITE player. He is currently retired.


DaretoCare currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

He has been pursuing competitive Paragon since his departure from Team Flex.


  • He has also played the support role competitively.
  • Lived in a gaming house with Lassiz, AnatoLiy, Zapman and Krett in Sarasota, Florida.

Team and Tournament History

DaretoCare Tournament Results
2017-11-18A22Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2017 CSL Regional ChampionshipHafnet eSportslogo std.pngHafnet eSports Chetaah •   xJarcor •   Qaylle •   Sleeptight •   Shiaaa
2017-10-15A22SPLlogo square.png SMITE Pro League North America 2017 Fall GauntletTeam Vigilantlogo std.pngTeam Vigilant MandoWarrior •   Mirage •   Akillathehun •   DayToRemeber •   PainDeViande
2017-09-29A66Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2017 SEIL Split 3YouAre666logo std.pngYouAre666 CNHowTime •   Ashuuuu •   Sexybroher •   QQ1922472766 •   ChinaYeYun
2017-08-17I1NQUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2017 NA CC Mid-Summer RelegationsDog 1logo std.pngDog 1 Yasomi •  PandaTurtle •  AggressIV •  F8TAL •  Killateral
2017-07-08I1NQUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2017 EU CC Pre-Fall RelegationsCool Name Pendinglogo std.pngCool Name Pending Sanjo •   Dherion •   B3astgam3r •   Effix •   iSilenced
2017-06-10A22$ 2,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2017 CSL Split 2Hafnet eSportslogo std.pngHafnet eSports Cheetah •   zByRockk •   JAdobinX •   Forza •   Shiaaa
2017-06-10A44$ 1,200Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2017 CSL Split 2Name Not Foundlogo std.pngName Not Found Sanugle •   Kon1chiwa •   Decoth •   Destroyer444 •   ReplikGod
2017-05-07A11A$ 5,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png IEM Season 12 - SydneyDire Wolveslogo std.pngDire Wolves kikiomeo •   Rowe •   Ochita •   MingyuSeo •   RichardCastle
2017-03-25A44SPLlogo square.png SMITE Pro League Europe 2017 Spring SeasonEanixlogo std.pngEanix Xaliea •   Cherryo •   Lawbster •   Funballer •   BigManTingz
2016-11-06A33Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png Season 3 NA SPL Fall GauntletTeam EnVyUslogo std.pngTeam EnVyUs KikiSoCheeky •   Skeeledon •   Tmoney313 •   Cabom •   NeiruMah
Total Prize: USD 3,200 • AUD 5,000

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