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ETES e-Sports
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Team Information
Org LocationBrazil Brazil
RegionNews Label - Brazil.png Brazil
Created2017-07-21 (SMITE division)
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ETES e-Sports is a Brazilian based esports organization. The org also has teams in Leauge of Legends, Paladins, Counter Strike; Global Offensive, FIFA, Rainbow Six Seige, Vain Glory, and DOTA 2.



  • 2018
  • 2017

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
Brazil Best69 01 Solo
Brazil Kaiiq 02 Jungle
Brazil Balisk69 03 Mid
Brazil Aquajj Caio Cesar 04 Hunter
Brazil Gutto 05 Support
Brazil Neak Raphael Fidélis 11 Substitute
Brazil Spethro Hugo Costa 11 Substitute


C ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil MargotAnna Lucca Matthaus 01 Solo NoPing E-Sportslogo std.png NoPing E-Sports
Brazil oShip Feipe Sicóti Pellizzoni 02 Jungle NoPing E-Sportslogo std.png NoPing E-Sports
Brazil extt Bruno Guedes 04 Hunter
Brazil AvllyS Julio Silva 03 Mid NoPing E-Sportslogo std.png NoPing E-Sports
Brazil Chrislim Christiano Lima 02 Jungle Black Dragonslogo std.png Black Dragons
Brazil Neak Raphael Fidélis 05 Support NARGSlogo std.png NARGS
Brazil LuDArc Luana Felix 04 Hunter NoPing E-Sportslogo std.png NoPing E-Sports
Brazil Aquajj Caio Cesar 11 Sub NARGSlogo std.png NARGS

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-09-30 A33 2018 BR SGS Fall Season Best69KaiiqBalisk69AquajjGutto $ 3,000
2018-07-07 I1Q 2018 BR SGS Fall Relegations MargotAnnaoShipKaiiqNeakGutto
2018-07-01 A33 2018 BR SGS Summer Season MargotAnnaoShipKaiiqexttSpethro $ 3,000
2018-05-06 I1Q 2018 BR SGS Summer Qualifiers MargotAnnaoShipAvllySexttSpethro
2018-04-29 I1Q 2018 BR SGS Summer Open Qualifier MargotAnnaoShipAvllySexttSpethro
2018-04-22 A22 2018 BR SGS Phase 2 MargotAnnaoShipAvllySexttSpethro $ 2,000
2018-03-25 A33 - 4 2018 BR SGS Phase 1 MargotAnnaChrislimAvllySexttNeak $ 1,000
Total earnings:
    • USD 9,000

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