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Flash Point eSports

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Team has disbanded.
Flash Point eSports
Flash Point eSportslogo profile.png
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
Team LocationEurope Europe
Sponsor(s)Rogue Energy
Created (1)2016-11-04 (SMITE PC division)
Disbanded (1)2019-11-18
Created (2)2018-05-26 (SMITE Xbox division)
Disbanded (2)2019-01
Created (3)2019-01-03
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Flash Point eSports is an American eSports Organization that entered SMITE in 2016 when they acquired the SPL spot previously owned by Denial eSports. Flash Point returned to SMITE in 2019 after acquiring a spot in the EU SML.


Season 3

Previously known as Denial eSports, the roster of Benj1, Homiefe, Hurriwind, Vetium, and Shadowq was having the best season that the organization have ever seen, scoring a 4th place finish in the Fall Placement Tournament and finishing 2nd in their group (4th overall) in the LAN Stage. The team had high hopes going into the Regional Championships, but before the event began, Denial said that they would cut ties with the SMITE team to focus on their HotS team. Thus, they gave the teams over to Flash Point eSports.

Flash Point faced Team Eager first in Super Regionals, with most predicting that Eager would take the set after five very close games. Eager had previously placed 5th in the placement stages, a disappointing and strange finish for the renowned powerhouse, but then dominated the LAN stage, ahead of 1st place placement team Luminosity Gaming. Going into this first set, Flash Point crushed Eager in the first game after Eager's disastrous  Hades pick was abused multiple times by Homiefe's  Ratatoskr and Benj1's  Ravana, playing off Eager's poor decision making and shotcalls. The remaining games were not as close, with Eager taking all 3 and qualifying for the SMITE World Championship 2017, spearheaded by TheBest's  Ra. After this loss, Flash Point looked to the Wild Card for their final chance to make it to Worlds.


  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left

Sibi Matija Arthofer Solo Laner
2019-01-192019-01-19 2019-11-182019-11-18

Dzoni Nikola Todorovic Jungler
2019-01-192019-01-19 2019-11-182019-11-18

FaraKrik Alexey Farion Mid Laner
2019-01-192019-01-19 2019-11-182019-11-18

Kespainify Daniil Vyshkin Hunter
2019-01-192019-01-19 2019-11-182019-11-18

Fusify Eroshenkov Maksim Support Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2019-01-192019-01-19 2019-11-182019-11-18

delnyy Joshua Edenfield Solo Laner Passionlogo std.pngPassion 2018-05-262018-05-26 2019-012019-01

The Jumpahhh Frank Hayden Jungler Shrimp Ganglogo std.pngShrimp Gang 2018-05-262018-05-26 2019-012019-01

ErupT Crimson Justin Ahlgrain Mid Laner Passionlogo std.pngPassion 2018-08-232018-08-23 2019-012019-01

KeegsMate Keegan TwoEagle Hunter One Night at LANlogo std.pngOne Night at LAN 2018-08-232018-08-23 2019-012019-01

Matt Koiz Matthew Morales Support Shrimp Ganglogo std.pngShrimp Gang 2018-05-262018-05-26 2019-012019-01

Michael Checo Michael Checo Hunter Elevatelogo std.pngElevate 2018-05-262018-05-26 2018-08-232018-08-23

Panda Mid Cameron Mase Mid Laner Logo std.pngVery Rare 2018-05-262018-05-26 2018-08-232018-08-23

XenonHawk Nicholas Singer Solo Laner The Grabowskislogo std.pngThe Grabowskis 2017-07-122017-07-12 2017-08-202017-08-20

Mexiety Armando Cuellar Jungler The Grabowskislogo std.pngThe Grabowskis 2017-07-122017-07-12 2017-08-202017-08-20

ManRay Nicolas Steinacker-Olsztyn Mid Laner The Grabowskislogo std.pngThe Grabowskis 2017-06-062017-06-06 2017-08-202017-08-20

sops Isaac Ramirez Hunter Logo std.pngSalsa Squadron 2017-05-252017-05-25 2017-08-202017-08-20

Shadowq Erich Grabowski Support The Grabowskislogo std.pngThe Grabowskis 2016-11-042016-11-04 2017-08-202017-08-20

Whalrus Mark Maloney Solo Laner Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI 2017-062017-06 2017-072017-07

Mirage Jungler SPL Gatekeeperslogo std.pngSPL Gatekeepers 2017-02-052017-02-05 2017-07-072017-07-07

Sheyka Jon Sheyka Mid Laner Logo std.pngSalsa Squadron 2017-05-062017-05-06 2017-06-062017-06-06

DanteLeFargo Kevin Doobay Solo Laner Team CryptiKlogo std.pngTeam CryptiK 2017-05-062017-05-06 2017-06-032017-06-03

BennyQ Benjamin Qiu Hunter Dog 1logo std.pngDog 1 2017-05-062017-05-06 2017-05-252017-05-25

Aquarius Ryan O'Neill Solo Laner Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble eSports 2017-02-052017-02-05 2017-05-062017-05-06

Incon Riley Unzelman Mid Laner Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI 2017-02-052017-02-05 2017-05-062017-05-06

XenoTronics Nathan Hewitt Hunter A Mighty Størmlogo std.pngA Mighty Størm 2017-02-052017-02-05 2017-05-062017-05-06

Awesome2daMax Max Ayazi Substitute
2016-11-042016-11-04 2017-01-212017-01-21

Hurriwind Tyler Whitney Mid Laner In Memory of Gabelogo std.pngIn Memory of Gabe 2016-11-042016-11-04 2017-01-212017-01-21

Benj1 Ben McKinzey Solo Laner SoaR Gaminglogo std.pngSoaR Gaming 2016-11-042016-11-04 2017-01-182017-01-18

Homiefe Alexander D'Souza Jungler SoaR Gaminglogo std.pngSoaR Gaming 2016-11-042016-11-04 2017-01-182017-01-18

Vetium Conor Roberts Hunter SoaR Gaminglogo std.pngSoaR Gaming 2016-11-042016-11-04 2017-01-182017-01-18

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament

Choda Mid Lane
2019 Mid Season Invitational



C ID Name Position

Bovey Zhang Owner & Founder

Samuel Hartwell Chief Business Officer & Co-Owner


C ID Name Role Next Team

Prof Coach Passionlogo std.pngPassion

draylo Mark Ramsey Coach Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble eSports

Team Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
2019-07-12B111 - 142019 Mid-Season Invitationallogo square.png 2019 Mid Season Invitational xChoda •   Dzoni •   Sibi •   Kespainify •   Fusify
2018-11-18A22SCWC2019logo square.png SMITE Console World Championship 2019 delnyy •   The Jumpahhh •   ErupT Crimson •   keegsmate •   Matt Koiz
2018-07-22A33$ 9,000SCLSeason3SummerFinalsLogo.png SMITE Console League 2018 Summer Finals delnyy •   The Jumpahhh •   Panda Mid •   Michael Checo •   Matt Koiz
2017-04-16A77SPLlogo square.png SMITE Pro League North America 2017 Spring Gauntlet Aquarius •   Mirage •   Incon •   XenoTronics •   Shadowq
2016-11-20A33 - 4Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2016 NA Regional Championship Benj1 •   Homiefe •   Hurriwind •   Vetium •   Shadowq






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