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Background Information
NameSam Chaginy
Country of BirthSweden Sweden
BirthdayFebruary 9, 1991 (age 29)
RoleSolo Laner
Sam "FreedomFighter" Chaginy is a Swedish SMITE player. He is a Solo lane main, currently in no team.


"FreedomFighter" has been playing SMITE since closed beta. He started playing Mid during Season 1, and later took a liking to the solo lane. He likes to play warrior because he enjoys boxing, early aggression, survivability and to provide frontline for his team, this has also made it easier for him to play support as his second role, if ever needed to..


  • Was clan officer of his former team Deus Preliator, where he handpicked every player for the missing roles, he also recruited a coach and had Repikas, former team Titan's jungler to teach out lessons to their jungler, while FreedomFighter himself took lessons from Titan's solo laner Kevin Confrey during season 1. He asked if the rest of Titan's team members wanted to learn the rest of the team but none of them thought they were capable of teaching so they kindly declined the offer.
  • Has his own website where he market himself.
  • Is an upcoming swedish film actor.
  • Has been a competitive martial artist since childhood until he took a break, and has practiced everything from boxing to mixed martial arts.
  • Currently studying in the university to become a physiotherapist.
  • Took lessons from former team Titan's solo laner Kevin Confrey during season 1, which immensely improved his solo lane skills.
  • Has played in the very first Smite Combine back in Season 1.
  • Has played with and against Trig Esports (former Paradigm) when they were at their boot camps in Stockholm, Sweden.

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