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This page is about the team GetOnMyLeveL. For the player, see GetOnMyLeveL (Richard Li).

GetOnMyLeveLlogo square.png
Team Information
Org Location[[File:Unrecognized Country!.png|Unrecognized Country!|link=]] Unrecognized Country!
RegionRegion sea.png SEA
Created (1)2017-05-15
Disbanded (1)2017-09-29
Created (2)2018-02-28

GetOnMyLeveL is a Southeast Asian SMITE team.



  • 2018
  • 2017

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
China GetOnMyLeveL Richard Li 01 Solo
Hong Kong iApex Brian Lau (劉浩峰) 01 Solo
China AbingLovE Liu Yin-Liang (刘胤良) 02 Jungle
China Bluefish Xia Yi-Jin (夏奕锦) 03 Mid
China MakerLovE Huang Sheng (黄胜) 04 Hunter
China Hickeyi 05 Support

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Singapore Kamiru Freddy Lim (林子澍) Mid China G0ML SMITE Summer Finals 2018


C ID Name Role Next Team
Hong Kong Jerem1218 Jerem Lin (連俊行) 03 Mid
China hallokugou Fang Qing-Cheng (房庆城) 11 Sub The Substituteslogo std.png The Substitutes
China PakHooo Jiang Jin-Wang (江金旺) 03 Mid The Substituteslogo std.png The Substitutes
Hong Kong BillHKOnline Chan Ka-Wang (陳家泓) 01 Solo Bigetron E-Sportslogo std.png Bigetron E-Sports
Malaysia chemninja21 02 Jungle QuantumFirelogo std.png QuantumFire
Malaysia ak77king 03 Mid QuantumFirelogo std.png QuantumFire
India HoxiTheKira Huzefa Painter 04 Hunter
India IshanR Ishan Razdan 05 Support Team Unstablelogo std.png Team Unstable
China QChongChong Chen Da-Wei 03 Mid
Hong Kong Trevorlo Trevor Lo (盧亦翹) 11 Sub
Hong Kong Ringo1610 Li Jia-Ho (李嘉浩) 03 Mid YouAre666logo std.png YouAre666
Philippines Facе John David Garrovillas 05 Support Sanguine Esportslogo std.png Sanguine Esports
China Ashuuuu Huang Yu-Shu (黄育枢) 11 Sub YouAre666logo std.png YouAre666
Hong Kong Blingblingshan Ke Jia-Lun (柯嘉倫) 11 Sub
USA Rama Trent Townsend 05 Support
China CaptainKino Chen Wei Da (陈伟达) 11 Sub


ID Name Position
Singapore SirEclipse Ng Wee Choon 11 Coach

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-11-10 B313 - 14 SWC 2019 Qualifiers GetOnMyLeveLiApexBluefishMakerLovEHickeyi $
2018-09-30 A11 2018 SEA SGS Fall Season GetOnMyLeveLAbingLovESirEclipseMakerLovEHickeyi $ 10,000
2018-07-29 A77 - 8 SMITE Summer Finals 2018 GetOnMyLeveLiApexKamiruMakerLovEJerem1218 $ 2,000
2018-06-30 A11 2018 SEA SGS Summer Season GetOnMyLeveLiApexJerem1218MakerWhiteG0ML $ 10,000
2018-05-04 I1Q 2018 SEA SGS Summer Qualifiers GetOnMyLeveLG0MLiApexMakerWhiteYoungPunk
2018-04-29 I1Q 2018 SEA SGS Summer Open Qualifier GetOnMyLeveLG0MLiApexMakerWhiteYoungPunk
2018-04-21 A33 - 4 2018 SEA SGS Phase 2 GetOnMyLeveLG0MLiApexMakerWhiteFourLongIslands $ 1,000
2018-03-25 A22 2018 SEA SGS Phase 1 GetOnMyLeveLFourLongIslandsiApexMakerWhiteG0ML $ 2,000
2017-09-29 A55 2017 SEIL Split 3 BillHKOnlinechemninja21ak77kingHoxiTheKiraIshanR
2017-08-27 I1Q 2017 SEIL Split 3 Relegations Araragiapo94nbQchongchongMakerWhiteBillHKOnline
2017-08-04 A44 2017 SEIL Split 2 Playoffs GetOnMyLeveLFaceTrevorloMakerWhiteAshuuuu
2017-07-28 A22 2017 SEIL Split 2 GetOnMyLeveLFaceTrevorloMakerWhiteAshuuuu
2017-06-02 I1Q 2017 SEIL Split 2 Relegations GetOnMyLeveLTrevorloRingo1610MakerWhiteAshuuuu
2017-05-27 I1Q 2017 SEIL Split 2 Relegations Open Qualifier vindicatestillGetOnMyLeveLTrevorloKatarrinaCaptainKino
Total earnings:
    • USD 25,000

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