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    SWC 2018
SWClogo square.png
Jan 3rd - Jan 7th 2018

  Placements Knockouts
  LGlogo std.png LG
  SCYlogo std.png SCY
  NOClogo std.png NOC
  NRGlogo std.png NRG
  Placements Knockouts
  Obeylogo std.png Obey
  EtGlogo std.png etG
  Elvlogo std.png Elv
  BlDslogo std.png BlDs
December 3rd
NA Noblelogo std.png Noble Fineokay joins. Whalrus leaves.
NA CpKlogo std.png CpK Fineokay leaves.
November 28th
EU VAClogo std.png VAC Nika leaves.
November 18th
Gold.png NOClogo std.png Nocturns Gaming Silver.png HAFlogo std.png Hafnet eSports in LaTaM Regional Championship.
SWClogo square.png
NOClogo std.png Nocturns Gaming qualifies to SMITE World Championship 2018.
EU Logo std2.png Apes Roster form. CheefSteef, Zearoe, Kero, Joshy and T850 join.
November 11th
Gold.png BlDslogo std.png Black Dragons in Brazil Regional Championship.
SWClogo square.png
BlDslogo std.png Black Dragons qualifies to SMITE World Championship 2018.
November 10th
NA Spacelogo std.png Gold Logo std2.png Xeno and the Bots roster aquired. Uzzy, Plazma, Elchapo, XenoTronics and Incon join.
November 5th
SPLlogo square.png
Gold.png EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited. Silver.png LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming in NA Regional Championship.
SPLlogo square.png
Gold.png RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL, Silver.png Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance in EU Regional Championship.
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Tournament Match Countdown
Worlds 2018
LG LGlogo std.png vs SCYlogo std.png SCY
Worlds 2018
NRG NRGlogo std.png vs NOClogo std.png NOC
Worlds 2018
Obey Obeylogo std.png vs EtGlogo std.png etG
Worlds 2018
Elv Elvlogo std.png vs BlDslogo std.png BlDs
Worlds 2018 HiRez Keynote
Worlds 2018 Esport Kickoff
Worlds 2018 Match 5
Worlds 2018 Match 6
Worlds 2018 QF
Worlds 2018 QF
Worlds 2018 QF
Worlds 2018 QF
Worlds 2018 SF
Worlds 2018 SF
Worlds 2018 Finals
Goddess of Strife
Cost: Favor.png 11,000 Gems.png 200
Type: Ranged, Magical
Class: Mage

Current PC Patch: v4.23
Current Console Patch: v4.22

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