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Roster has joined a new organization.
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Team Information
Org LocationEurope Europe
Created (1)2015-01
Disbanded (1)2015-04-10
Created (2)2016-03-17
Disbanded (2)2016-09-01
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Panthera was a European SMITE team.


On April 10, 2015, the roster was acquired by Epsilon eSports.[1]

On March 17, 2016, the roster reformed as they left their previous organization.


  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament

Duck3y James Heseltine Solo
Season 3 EU SPL Spring Season - Week 5


C ID Name Role Next Team

Dimi Peter Dimitrov Solo Laner NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

Adapting Kennet Ros Jungler NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

Yammyn André Brännvall Mid Laner NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

emilitoo Emil Stärnman Hunter NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

iRaffer Craig Rathbone Support NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

NinjaDimi Peter Dimitrov Solo Laner Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports

Adapting Kennet Ros Jungler Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports

emilitoo Emil Stärnman Mid Laner Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports

Yammyn André Brännvall Hunter Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports

iRaffer Craig Rathbone Support Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports

Optixx Christoph Thoömmes Mid Laner Spicy Waffleslogo std.pngSpicy Waffles


ID Name Position Next Team

TristanGHill Tristan Hill Team Manager NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

YOUNGBAE Aiman Azmir Coach NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

Keepo Analyst NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports

Solana Ydwar Dijkstra Coach Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
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