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Retributionlogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationEurope Europe
RegionNews Label - Europe.png Europe
Created (1)2016-08-08
Disbanded (1)2016-10-5
Created (2)2018-08

Retribution is a European SMITE Xbox team.


Season 3

Previously known as Barrage eSports, the team placed 1st in the Season 3 EU SCL Summer Season. However, soon after, Barrage was forced to seize operations.[1] A day later, the team announced that they will compete in the Season 3 SCL Summer Finals under the name Retribution.[2]

Despite having high hopes, Retribution ended the Finals in last place. Shortly afterward, Awe, prOxyQQ and WatsonV3 left, replaced by MangoMan, GetFisher and Minos. The team was then acquired by exceL eSports 11 days later.

In 2018 after TotalBadBoys secured their spot in the fall SCL they renamed to retribution.


  • 2018
  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
Europe me0wnate 01 Solo
United Kingdom OverpoweredUSB 02 Jungle
United Kingdom Lyzurrr 04 Hunter
United Kingdom TotalBadBoy91 Nathan Hendricks 05 Support


ID Name Role Next Team
United Kingdom Dobson Jordan Dobson 03 Mid Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone
United Kingdom MangoMan696 Isaac Clark 01 Solo ExceL eSportslogo std.png exceL eSports
United Kingdom GetFisher Ryan Fisher 02 Jungle Logo std.png Dutch Myrmidons
Belgium Elexum Timothy Stroobants 03 Mid ExceL eSportslogo std.png exceL eSports
United Kingdom Jeron Jeron Cunliffe 04 Hunter ExceL eSportslogo std.png exceL eSports
United Kingdom Minos Adam Pink 05 Support
Germany prOxyQQ Dirk Meichsner 02 Jungle
United Kingdom Awe Nathan Davies 05 Support
United Kingdom WatsonV3 Jack Watson 01 Solo Team RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL


ID Name Position

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-10-08 A44 2018 EU Xbox SCL Fall Season Mr Turtle ILyzurrrDobsonme0wnateTotalBadBoy91
2016-08-21 A44 Season 3 SCL Summer Finals WatsonV3prOxyQQElexumJeronAwe $ 3,250
Total earnings:
    • USD 3,250

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