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Season 3 EU SCL Relegations
League Information
Organizer: Hi-Rez Studios
Event Type: Online
Format: Round Robin
Date: 2016-08-30
Links: Website
Qualified: Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone


The European SMITE Console League Season 3 Fall Relegations grants two teams a spot in the Season 3 SCL Fall Split.


  • Three teams attend
  • Round Robin
  • Each match is Best of Two
  • Rankings are determined by the following methods:
    1. Points (3-1-0 Win-Tie-Loss system)
    2. Matches Won
    3. Alphabetical order
  • Top 2 teams will advance to the EU SCL Fall Season.

Qualified Teams

The following teams have qualified for the EU SCL Fall Split:

Place Team Roster
Qualified.png Q Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone EzzunaAirbrushedNaaaarrrrkBloakleyDineOhSaw
NoQualified.png NQ Logo std.pngPuttKettleOn MangoMan696vR AuzrikSudyGibbon4zV CobbYJoyousHazzy


1 exceL eSports withdraws from the tournament, therefore the format will be changed to a Head-to-Head best-of-5.
2 Cyclone take over Abstract's spot through signing with the team.

Eye - Show All 2.pngRosters


  Relegation Match
   Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone 3
   Logo std.png PKO 0


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