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April 24
EU PCsystem icon.png OutCold Gaminglogo std.pngOcG HalfDevil leaves, Breez joins.
April 20
EU PCsystem icon.png Team Quesologo std.pngQueso AlphaJackal leaves.
April 17
INT PCsystem icon.png Trifectalogo std.pngTFECT KSier joins as coach.
April 15
NA PCsystem icon.png Team CryptiKlogo std.pngCpK Copebby joins.
April 09
NA XBoxsystem icon.png Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSnG Sugar Pea Squad roster is acquired. JacobTask, Sliced Kumquat, Mr Teep, BmBobby, Truancii and LeekOSAF join.
April 04
NA XBoxsystem icon.png Heat Upriselogo std.pngHeat Passion roster is acquired. delnyy, Jangaru, ErupT Crimson, X Fatal Ghost X, IAmTheHamster and Prof join.
March 28
NA PCsystem icon.png Spacestation Gaminglogo std.pngSpace Plazma joins as coach.
March 26
EU PCsystem icon.png OutCold Gaminglogo std.pngOcG emilitoo retires, HalfDevil joins.
March 21
EU XBoxsystem icon.png Dobbos Discipleslogo std.pngDobbo ReformedMang0 is suspended following a competitive ruling. Dobbos Disciples are forced to forfeit their week 2 set.
March 17
EU XBoxsystem icon.png Team RivaLlogo std.pngRivaL Totem Man roster is acquired. Predators, Rapio, v 50m Fly, Davy1108, and DineOhSaw join. Joeeey joins as coach.
March 15
EU PS4system icon.png OutCold Gaminglogo std.pngOcG B Goblin Gang roster is acquired. FataliTyxFire, Kinder-_-WaRRioR, Cynortas, JustLion, and mrsacx join. TrochowskiX joins as coach.
March 13
NA PS4system icon.png Big Money eSportslogo std.pngBigM Deputy Sharks roster is acquired. Snadows, Nano_adaption, Privative, OhKonviction, and Zirxy join. Jonslay22 joins as coach.
March 08
NA PS4system icon.png Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone Evil Lemons roster is acquired. Beaudilla, MySweetPatato, Orignalspartan, AxiomSpeed, and JoltaK join. Cojafox joins as coach.
March 03
XBoxsystem icon.png
SCL logo small.png
Hype Unitlogo std.pngHype Unit, Logo std.pngLemmeDriDaBo, One Night at LANlogo std.pngOne Night at LAN, and Sugar Pea Squadlogo std.pngSugar Pea Squad qualify for NA Xbox SCL Phase 1.
PS4system icon.png
SCL logo small.png
Logo std.pngApex Champs, Benedict’s Cavalrylogo std.pngBenedict’s Cavalry, Deputy Sharkslogo std.pngDeputy Sharks, and Logo std.pngSavingPrivateJoltaK qualify for NA PS4 SCL Phase 1.
March 02
XBoxsystem icon.png
SCL logo small.png
Dobbos Discipleslogo std.pngDobbos Disciples, European Powerhouseslogo std.pngEuropean Powerhouses, Team Ricardologo std.pngTeam Ricardo, and Totem Manlogo std.pngTotem Man qualify for EU Xbox SCL Phase 1.
PS4system icon.png
SCL logo small.png
Bed Times Callinglogo std.pngBed Times Calling, Goblin Ganglogo std.pngGoblin Gang, Mav3ricks Esports Clublogo std.pngMav3ricks Esports Club, and VGS Godslogo std.pngVGS Gods qualify for EU PS4 SCL Phase 1.
February 25
NA PCsystem icon.png Luminosity Gaminglogo std.pngLG Gamma joins as coach.
February 18
EU PCsystem icon.png OutCold Gaminglogo std.pngOcG Dimi, PrettyPriMe, Emilitoo, FrostiaK, and Spudio join.
EU PCsystem icon.png Simplicitylogo std.pngSIMP Faeles, ManiaKK, DeathPanter, Genetics, and StreakUp join.
EU PCsystem icon.png Team Quesologo std.pngQueso Chekii0, Dracomarino, Warchi, WorstTurttle, and Julio join. AlphaJackal joins as coach.
NA PCsystem icon.png Team CryptiKlogo std.pngCpK Sops, BennyQ, Mineral, Zearoe, and Yujibox join. Yunglad joins as coach.
NA PCsystem icon.png Spacestation Goldlogo std.pngSSGold Mattypocket, ElChapo, Uzzy, Oswaald, and Masked join.
NA PCsystem icon.png Armada Esportslogo std.pngARM Snoopy, NotGeno, Meerkat, Screammmmm, and Baskin join.
February 01
NA XBoxsystem icon.png Hype Unitlogo std.pngHype Wolves, LayersOD, Boronic, Gryphon Slays, and Inbowned join. Visions vR joins as coach.