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August 2016
August 30
EUX Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Airbrushd retires.
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SCL logo small.png
Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone qualify for EU SCL Season 3 Fall.
EU PCsystem icon.png Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSnG Team Leftoverslogo std.pngTeam Leftovers roster acquired. Nika, Cherryo, TheDarkDodo, Arkkyl, Murrdurr, Sanjo, and LunaLittle join.
August 29
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SCL logo small.png
Kingdom eSportslogo std.png Kingdom eSports and Logo std.png Los Amigos qualify for NA SCL Season 3 Fall.
August 25
EU PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngWASH Roster is formed. Snakeskin, Jungler, MrSt3fan, m0eX, and dutchdeadshot join.
August 21
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SCL logo small.png
Gold.pngMost Wanted eSportslogo std.png Most Wanted eSports Silver.pngEgrlogo std.png Team Eager in SCL Season 3 Summer Finals.
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OPLS3 logo small.png
Gold.pngAvant Gardelogo std.pngAvant Garde Silver.pngTeam Pandamoniumlogo std.pngTeam Pandamonium in OPL Season 3 Split 2 Playoffs.
August 20
BR PCsystem icon.png CNB e-Sports Clublogo std.pngCNB Benai joins. iBen10 moves to support, Islan to substitute.
EUX Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Abstract Gaming roster acquired. DineOhSaw, Naaaarrrrk, Bloakley, Ezzuna, Airbrushd, and Salugi join.
August 19
EU PCsystem icon.png Dignitaslogo std.pngDIG Zigox joins as substitute.
August 18
BR PCsystem icon.png INTZ e-Sportslogo std.pngINTZ MarcelZ joins. qe3q moves to substitute.
BR PCsystem icon.png CNB e-Sports Clublogo std.pngCNB ZoinhU rejoins. MarcelZ leaves.
August 16
EU PCsystem icon.png Team Leftoverslogo std.pngLFTO TheDarkDodo and Murrdurr join. Cherryo moves to jungle.
EU PCsystem icon.png Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCC FleuryQ joins as substitute.
EU PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngNextT Roster is formed. TheBigSB (formerly Zashu), FlyToSafety, FaraKrik, TheBushyyy, Martyr, and Jimy join.
August 14
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Epsilon invitational.png
 Epsilon Inv
Gold.pngPantheralogo std.pngPanthera Silver.pngEnemylogo std.pngEnemy in Epsilon eSports Invitational.
August 13
OCE PCsystem icon.png Team Pandamoniumlogo std.pngPANDA RichardCastle joins. Erraticc leaves.
August 12
BR PCsystem icon.png Eternal Rallylogo std.pngETR PaiN Gaminglogo std.pngpaiN Gaming roster leaves organization. Mattank, Madrugod, aimlesss, Arkanjo, Nagare, DenTTola, and Itnevist join.
August 09
NAX SoaR Gaminglogo std.png SoaR KeegsMate leaves.
EU PCsystem icon.png Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCC Zashu leaves.
August 08
EUX Retributionlogo std.png RTBN Team is formed after Barrage eSportslogo std.pngBarrage eSports seizes operations. WatsonV3, PrOxyQQ, Elexum, Jeron, and Awe join.
August 07
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SPL2018logo square.png
Team EnVyUslogo std.pngTeam EnVyUs and The Rambozoslogo std.pngThe Randozos re-qualify for NA SPL Season 3 Fall.
EU PCsystem icon.png Torpedologo std.pngTPG Roster disbands. NinjaBobat, m0eX, BroTuZ, BuddNaked, MountainGoat, and ShadowV3n0m leave. Gamehunter, Korinyo, and Murrdurr retire.
August 06
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SPL2018logo square.png
Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone and Fantastiquelogo std.pngFantastique qualify for EU SPL Season 3 Fall.
August 04
BR PCsystem icon.png Remo Brave e-Sportslogo std.pngRBRV Go Go Power Rangerslogo std.pngGo Go Power Rangers roster acquired. Speczera, Goundaum, ySnake, Shuatz, and Heikad join.
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Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png
Onur is suspended for the entirety of Split 3 for unsportmanshiplike behaviour.
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 CSL 2017
Isurus Gaminglogo std.pngIsurus Gaming forfeits their match against Kaos Latin Gamerslogo std.pngKaos Latin Gamers in the CSL South Season 3 Split 2 Playoffs.
na PCsystem icon.png Risky Behaviorlogo std.pngRBR Kaeydan and InfamousJesse join. Giliara rejoins. Shaliber and Killateral leave.
EU PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngWHAT Aiurz moves to mid, JustLofes to hunter, Kreyzi to substitute.
EU PCsystem icon.png Torpedologo std.pngTPG Gamehunter moves to solo, m0eX to hunter.
August 03
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 CSL 2017
Gold.pngAether Gaminglogo std.pngAether Gaming Silver.pngLichT eSportslogo std.pngLichT eSports in CSL North Season 3 Split 2 Playoffs.
August 02
NA PCsystem icon.png Team EnVyUslogo std.pngnV Wowy will substitute for Oceans in the NA SPL Season 3 Fall Relegations.
NA PCsystem icon.png The Rambozoslogo std.pngRAND0 Mirage, moswal, and GhostCreepr join. ADUR0 leaves.
NA PCsystem icon.png Team Allegiancelogo std.pngALG Copebby, MLCst3alth, and Venenu join. Mattypocket leaves. Lassiz retires.
NA PCsystem icon.png Risky Behaviorlogo std.pngRBR Venenu leaves.
EU PCsystem icon.png Fantastiquelogo std.pngFNQ Roster is formed. MoGoW, Jifffy, nulisa, Jermain, and Dardez join.
August 01
LAN PCsystem icon.png Lynx Esportslogo std.pngLynx Why So Cereallogo std.pngWhy So Cereal rename to Lynx Esports. caperucitarosa, KriiDiiSh, Cynoth, DemïanC and VKTRON join.
NA PCsystem icon.png SoaR Gaminglogo std.pngSoaR andinster, Snoopy, and Eonic join. Bickum leaves.
NA PCsystem icon.png Most Wanted eSportslogo std.pngMW Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports roster acquired. Medieval, Covi, FaymousHate, and Rachetier join. Kaeydan, Sheyka, Wowy, and Sabbeth leave.