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February 28
NA PCsystem icon.png EUnitedlogo std.pngeU Organization merges with Enemylogo std.pngEnemy and acquires SMITE roster. Eruzies, Varizial1, Khaos, PandaCat, PainDeViande, Fearno, and MrMakey joins.
February 26
NAX Strictly Businesslogo std.png SB Checo is the New Black roster acquired. Niqued, Giraffeasurus, Mr Teep, Forger Vulcan, and Keji join.
OCE PCsystem icon.png Kanga eSportslogo std.pngKanga Pretty Boiz roster acquired. Kayo, Desacrator, Senses, Galen and Envisionise join.
February 24
OCE PCsystem icon.png Dark Sidedlogo std.pngDark Daddy Day Care roster acquired. Zakaryha, OnlyGoodAtSolo, Shredles, Swifty, Gruff, TheBeast, and SwitchBae join.
February 21
EU PCsystem icon.png Lion Guard eSportslogo std.pngLion Novus Orsa roster acquired. Duck3y, FrostiaK, ShadowNightmare, FleuryQ and Frezzyy join. Barn joins as coach.
February 16
OCE PCsystem icon.png Avant Gardelogo std.pngAv Shalom JWS roster acquired. Elkeiro, Robdigidy, JustSpeedy, Zaze, and Tomolomu joins. Jak47 joins as coach.
February 14
OCE PCsystem icon.png Legacy eSportslogo std.pngLGC Slap and Giggle roster acquired. ElChuckles, Yada, iDivine, Liimits, Weave, and JustLaney joins.
OCE PCsystem icon.png Dire Wolveslogo std.pngDW MingyuSeo joins. Maxen moves to sub.
NAX Obey Alliancelogo std.png Obey Roster is formed. Dwurst, Myflin, Delta Marine72, AirCougar and Jellly join.
February 12
PCsystem icon.png
SPL2018logo square.png
Enemylogo std.pngEnemy, In Memory of Gabelogo std.pngIn Memory of Gabe, and Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble eSports qualify for the NA SPL 2017 Spring Season.
February 11
PCsystem icon.png
SPL2018logo square.png
Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone, Elevatelogo std.pngElevate, and Novus Orsalogo std.pngNovus Orsa qualify for the EU SPL 2017 Spring Season.
EU PCsystem icon.png Desertedlogo std.pngDeserted BroTuZ joins. Dirgius moves back to coach.
EU PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngLMM FaraKrik and Joshy join.
February 10
EU PCsystem icon.png Elevatelogo std.pngElv BlizzardFX joins.
EU PCsystem icon.png Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone AllHailMuppets joins as substitute.
BR PCsystem icon.png Black Dragonslogo std.pngBlDs Roster is formed. Kliz, oShip, Nann, MarcelZ, and PIBE joins.
February 09
NA PCsystem icon.png Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble Uzzy, elchapoo, and MLCst3alth join. ADUR0 leaves.
BR PCsystem icon.png Eternal Rallylogo std.pngETR Cell and Schumagod join. Mattank moves to jungle. Madrugod and Arkanjo leave.
February 08
PCsystem icon.png
SPL2018logo square.png
Novus Orsa take over Variety's New Team's slot in EU SPL 2017 Spring Relegations.
EU PCsystem icon.png Dignitaslogo std.pngDIG Variety's New Team roster acquired. Variety, QvoFred, Zyrhoes, Arkkyl, and Trixtank join. Biggy joins as coach.
February 07
BR PCsystem icon.png RED Canidslogo std.pngREDC Speczera, Gondaum, and SyphoZ join. OReiTroll, Dengosao, and AvlyS leave.
February 05
NA PCsystem icon.png Flash Point eSportslogo std.pngFP Aquarius, Mirage, Incon, and XenoTronics join.
NA PCsystem icon.png Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble Mirage leaves.
PCsystem icon.png
Adanas steps down as a caster.
February 04
EU PCsystem icon.png Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSnG MikeTheMagikarp, MrSt3fan, and DeathPanter join. TheDarkDodo and Nika rejoin.
EU PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngdMimy Roster renames to Deserted. Gorgonzolla joins. Dirgius moves to mid. MikeTheMagikarp and DeathPanter leave.
February 03
OCE PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngGiggle Roster is formed. ElChuckles, Yada, iDivine, Liimits, and Weave joins.
NA PCsystem icon.png Luminosity Gaminglogo std.pngLG Baskin and Allied join.
OCE PCsystem icon.png Dire Wolveslogo std.pngDW Biggy leaves.
February 02
NA PCsystem icon.png SoaR Gaminglogo std.pngSoaR Benj1, Homiefe, and Vetium join. andinster moves to mid.
EU PCsystem icon.png Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey maniaKK and EmilZy join.
EU PCsystem icon.png New Game Pluslogo std.pngNGP Roster is formed. N0Numbers, Repikas, Kero, Gamehunter, Murrdurr, and Deathiance join.
EU PCsystem icon.png Novus Orsalogo std.pngN Roster reforms. Duck3y, FrostiaK, ShadowNightmare, FleuryQ, Frezzyy, and Barn join.
February 01
EU PCsystem icon.png Valance Squadlogo std.pngVAC Roster is formed. Xaliea, Cherryo, Lawbster, Funballer, and BigManTingz join.
OCE PCsystem icon.png Daddy Day Carelogo std.pngDDC Roster is formed. Zakaryha, OnlyGoodAtSolo, Shredles, Swifty, and Gruff join.