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July 31
SEA PCsystem icon.png Bigetron E-Sportslogo std.pngBTR Archipelagologo std.pngArchipelago roster acquired. DraculaV, JimyMasy, aLittleLover, Kirip, GeolseuDei and TangisanIsabella join.
July 29
NA PCsystem icon.png Spacestation Gaminglogo std.pngSSG Vetium leaves.
NA PCsystem icon.png EUnitedlogo std.pngeU Khaos retires.
July 27
EU PCsystem icon.png NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG maniaKK joins as solo. Dimi moves to coach.
EU PCsystem icon.png Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey maniaKK leaves.
July 25
OCE PCsystem icon.png Proper Etiquette ETHUGSlogo std.pngETHUG Neus retires.
OCE PCsystem icon.png Kanga eSportslogo std.pngKanga Shred and justSpeedy join.
July 23
EU PCsystem icon.png The Papislogo std.pngPapis Dowie joins as coach. Snakeskin leaves.
July 18
OCE PCsystem icon.png Dark Sidedlogo std.pngDark Roster disbands. Zakaryha, Yada, Laney and Gruff leave. TheBeast retires.
EU PCsystem icon.png The Papislogo std.pngPapis MrNazer joins as mid. Ojoboom leaves.
July 15
PCsystem icon.png
SPL2018logo square.png
Gold.pngDignitaslogo std.pngDignitas Silver.pngTeam RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL in SMITE 2017 Summer Finals.
PCsystem icon.png
SCL logo small.png
Gold.pngAstral Authoritylogo std.pngAstral Authority Silver.pngTeam RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL in Season 4 SCL Summer Finals.
July 12
NA PCsystem icon.png Flash Point eSportslogo std.pngFP Xenohawk and Mexiety join.
July 10
OCE PCsystem icon.png Logo std.pngHNC Avant Gardelogo std.pngAvant Garde roster leaves org. Tomolomu, Zaze, Erraticc, Ranabarana and Oscha join. RoyalCustard and LiquidRenegade leave.
July 07
NA PCsystem icon.png Flash Point eSportslogo std.pngFP Mirage leaves.
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EsportsAnchor logo.png
TeamVirallogo std.pngTeamViral is unable to field an eligible roster, and receives a point deduction of 3 points.
July 06
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SEILlogo square.png
Blitzlogo std.pngBlitz forfeits their position in 2017 SEIL Split 2 and disbands. They are replaced by Team Return (Southeast Asia)logo std.pngTeam Return.