Spacestation Gold

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Spacestation Gold
Spacestation Goldlogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
Team LocationNorth America North America
RegionNews Label - North America.png North America
Sponsor(s)hyperx gaming
Created (1)2017-11-10
Disbanded (1)2018-06-26
Created (2)2019-01-03
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Spacestation Gold is the sister team of Spacestation Gaming.



  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • January 3, Spacestation Gold announces they will join the NA SML for season 6.[1]

Player Roster

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
USA VVhyTry Mid USA CaptainFalcon 2018 SML Summer Season - Weeks 2 & 3
USA RiskyAce Hunter USA Iceman 2018 SML Summer Season - Week 2
North America HighHorse Mid North America Amuel 2018 SML Summer Relegations
USA Oswaald Sam Rojas Solo North America Haddix 2018 SML Summer Relegations - Set 1


C ID Name Role Next Team
USA RussianPapi Nick Lukashin 01 Solo Team CryptiKlogo std.png Team CryptiK
USA Grave Justin King 02 Jungle Logo std.png F-Zero
USA CaptainFalcon Nicolas Steinacker-Olsztyn 03 Mid Logo std.png F-Zero
USA Iceman 04 Hunter Logo std.png F-Zero
USA Viper 05 Support Logo std.png F-Zero
North America Haddix 01 Solo The Ranked Allstarslogo std.png The Ranked Allstars
North America Glaivus 02 Jungle The Ranked Allstarslogo std.png The Ranked Allstars
North America Amuel 03 Mid Anxiety Onsetlogo std.png Anxiety Onset
North America Fraison 04 Hunter The Ranked Allstarslogo std.png The Ranked Allstars
North America slothy 05 Support
USA RiskyAce 04 Hunter
USA Mortbklyn 05 Support
USA Uzzy Arthur Ashurov 01 Solo
USA Akillathehun Amar Ganbat 02 Jungle
Colombia Elchapo Andy Leon 03 Mid Astral Authoritylogo std.png Astral Authority
USA Xeno Nathan Hewitt 04 Hunter Retiredlogo std.png Retired
USA Incon Riley Unzelman 05 Support Retiredlogo std.png Retired
USA Plazma Arturo Gamez 02 Jungle Team CryptiKlogo std.png Team CryptiK


ID Name Position

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-05-05 I1NQ 2018 NA SML Summer Relegations HaddixGlaivusHighHorseFrasionslothy
2018-04-29 A55 2018 NA SML Spring Season HaddixGlaivusAmuelRiskyAceslothy $ 2,500
Total earnings:
    • USD 2,500

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