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The Papis
Team Information
Org LocationSpain Spain
Team LocationSpain Spain
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The Papis was a Spanish-based SMITE team. It was formed from the remains of Ases Club in April 2015.


Season 2

Shortly after its formation, The Papis competed in the SPL Season 2 EU Summer Qualifiers but failed to qualify for the SPL Season 2 EU Summer Split.


  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Spain MekaBlack Alejandro Fresno Jungle Spain iCreeDx 2018 SML Summer - Week 3


ID Name Role Next Team
Spain Julio Julio Fernández Cano 01 Solo Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
Spain WorstTurttle Ángel Ramos 02 Jungle Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
Spain Warchi Marc Gómez 03 Mid Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
Spain Chekii0 Sergio Nicolás 04 Hunter Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
Spain Dracomarino David García 05 Support Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
Spain MekaBlack Alejandro Fresno 11 Sub
Spain iCreeDx Ángel Calvo 03 Mid Logo std.pngRetired
Spain MrNazer 03 Mid
Spain Dheylo Jokin Martiarena 02 Jungle Logo std.pngRetired
Spain RemagDoku 03 Mid
Spain TheAlexMc 11 Substitute
Spain Ojoboom 03 Mid
Spain Perilla12 Raúl Valladares 04 Hunter NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports
Spain DavidArnaiz David Arnaiz 05 Support
Spain PosPalSuelo Daniel Valera 08 Sub/Mid Logo std.pngRetired
Spain YalukZ Alejandro Cerdán 03 Mid Infinity Warriorslogo std.pngInfinity Warriors
Peru Th3ArchangeL Jhonny López 05 Support



ID Name Position
Spain MrDowie 11 Coach
Spain Alejandrro 11 Coach
Netherlands Snakeskin Casper Bruning 11 Coach

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-10-09 A22 2018 EU SML Fall Playoff JulioWorstTurttleWarchiChekii0Dracomarino
2018-10-02 A33 2018 EU SML Fall Season JulioWorstTurttleWarchiChekii0Dracomarino
2018-07-05 A44 2018 EU SML Summer Season Julio69WorstTurttleiCreeDxWarchiDracomarino $ 3,500
2018-04-28 A44 2018 EU SML Spring Season Julio69iCreeDxMrNazerWarchiDracomarino $ 3,500
2017-10-15 A33 2017 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet iCreeDxDheyloMrNazerWarchiDracomarino
2017-10-07 A77 2017 EU SPL Fall Season iCreeDxDheyloMrNazerWarchiDracomarino
2017-08-19 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Fall Relegations iCreeDxDheyloMrNazerWarchiDracomarino
2017-06-24 A77 2017 EU SPL Summer Season iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-05-13 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Summer Relegations iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-03-25 A22 2017 EU CC Spring #2 iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-03-11 I1Q 2017 EU CC Spring Relegations iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-03-05 I1Q 2017 EU Combine Spring #1 DheyloOjoboomWarchiiCreeDxDracomarino
2016-10-01 A55 Season 3 EU CC Fall Season iCreeDxDheyloWarchiperilla12DavidArnaiz
2016-09-17 I1Q Season 3 EU CC Fall Qualifiers iCreeDxDheyloWarchiperilla12DavidArnaiz
2016-07-16 A44 Season 3 EU CC Spring Playoffs TheAlexMCDheyloWarchiPerilla12DavidArnaiz $ 500
2016-07-09 A44 Season 3 EU CC Spring Season TheAlexMCDheyloWarchiPerilla12DavidArnaiz
2016-06-26 I1Q Season 3 EU CC Spring Qualifiers WarchiDheyloTheAlexMCPerilla12DavidArnaiz
2015-05-10 I1NQ Season 2 EU SPL Summer Qualifiers OjoboomDheyloYalukZWarchiTh3ArchangeL

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